the before & after 

at drops of beauty

Men's Lip Filler
1 Restylane used (.5 used in 2 sessions)
Permanent Brows with Arch
Brows with Arch by Ashley
After 2 Fillers
Patient after Restylane KYSSE New Lip Filler and Volbella Under Eye Filler
Powder Brows
Powder Brows by Ashley
Results After 2 Treatments
PRP Injections
Results After 1 Treatment
Permanent Makeup for Brows
Permanent Eyebrows, work done by Ashley
Results After 2 Syringes
After 1 BBGLOW Treatment
Immediately post 1 BBGLOW Microneedling with Pigment Treatment
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Juvederm Lips after 1 syringe
Juvederm Ultra, 1 syringe Lips
botox & fillers. Day 4
botox & fillers. Day 4
2 Juvederm Ultra +
Lips & Nasolabial Folds
before and after tear trough filler-
vipeelbefore and after 1
microblading Brows
Botox $8.5/u (members)
juvederm before and after 1 syringe
Post Juvederm Lips
Restylane Lip Filler
Results after 1 Restylane Lip Filler
Results After 1 Treatment (2 vials) - We recommend 1 vial per decade of life.
Anti-Acne Facial
Results After 3 Treatments
Lash Extensions
Results After 1 Treatment
Results After 1 Treatment With 50 Units of Botox
Results After 1 Treatment
Herbal Peel
Results After 1 Treatment
Results After 1 Treatment (2 Vials)
Microblading Brows
Results After 1 Treatment
Lash Extensions
Results After 1 Treatment
Kybella Jowls
Immediately post 2 vials Kybella in Jowls
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