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Laser Hair Removal in Gilbert

What's so special about our laser hair removal system?

Many of us have heard about how laser hair removal is painful, it rarely works for tanned skins, it requires a lot of treatments and how the results are not as permanent as they should be. Well, forget about all this and get to know one of the most technologically-advanced laser hair removal systems in the industry. Here are some of the most F.A.Q.:

Soprano ICE in Phoenix

Which system do you use?

The name of our state-of-the-art system is Soprano ICE and it is one most advanced lasers for hair removal. The Soprano ICE combines different types of wavelengths and technologies to be able to treat the widest range of skin colors and hair types. Also, its cooling system is so advanced that it exponentially reduces the risk of burns in the skin.

Laser for men

Are treatments only for women?

Not at all, many of our laser hair removal patients are men who are looking for better-looking, smooth skin. The Soprano ICE is especially designed to treat men and women and it has specific settings for each one. Some of the most common areas treated by men are the back, shoulders, chest, abs, brazilian, and beard and neck line. 

Laser Hair Removal

How painful is laser hair removal?

The era of painful laser hair removal is over. Our Soprano ICE system is clinically designed to perform virtually painless treatments thanks to its cooling technology. The general sensation most of our patients feel is one of slight discomfort, especially in the most sensitive areas like the face and the genital area. 

Laser Hair Removal in Chandler.

Does it work on all skin types?

Yes, the unique system of  the Soprano ICE works safely on the melanin of the skin from types I-VI, which is the entire range of the Fitzpatrick Scale.


Its technology makes it the safest method for hair removal for dark skinned patients and those who enjoy long sessions of tanning. 

Laser Hair Removal in Mesa

Can I do laser hair removal during the summer?

Yes, even in a place like Arizona, where the summer is long and strong and we have sunny days practically all year long. Our laser hair removal system is safe to use on tanned skin and the down time is minimal so you can return almost immediately after the treatment to any outdoor activity you like.  

Laser Hair Removal in Phoenix

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends on each person's hair type and the thickness of it. The average number of treatments recommended to start is six, but most people need up to 12 treatments to get the hair completely removed, each session five to six weeks apart. In the case of some men, they prefer the hair thinned out rather than completely removed so the number of sessions can be reduced in this case.

Laser Hair Removal for men in Phoenix

Which areas of the body can I treat?

Our laser hair removal system is designed to treat every part of the male and female body, with specific settings for each area's characteristics and necessities.  Some of the most common areas treated are legs, arms, back, chest, upper lip, brows and intimate areas. The possibilities are endless.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be completely shaved before coming to your Laser Hair Removal treatment. We recommend you shave the area maximum twelve hours prior to your appointment. Waxing, tweezing  and/or using depilatory products such as Nair are NOT advisable for three weeks prior to Laser Hair Removal treatments. 


Best Laser Hair Removal in Gilbert
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